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Nov 22, 2013

Denny and I got together for a Casual Friday podcast on the Internet. It was a chat with very little agenda, but it worked pretty well this week, I think.

24 hour crippling sicko hangover
What makes a real martini?
Are flavored martinis real?
Caribbean drinks even when you’re not in the caribbean
Missing out on the Cavs fan bickering
Denny deciding to heckle Casey Blake
Mike Brown taking 20% of the blame
60% of the blame goes to Chris Grant
Kyrie Irving and his lack of leadership
Kyrie Irving calling himself a leader
Mariano Rivera and his retirement
Malcolm Gladwell and the 10,000 hours theory
Freakonomics and Gladwell and what they’ve done for the culture
Science and math and how it’s looked at in the United States
Applying science in non-scientific situations
New music and listening to new music
Van Morrison on iTunes Radio
Van Morrison and James Taylor in the same category?
Losing all my Netflix movie ratings
The kid playlist for the baby
Child birthing class
The rules of raising a baby and how there are no rules
Bathing babies in kitchen sinks
Girls in giant sunglasses
Would you want to wear a uniform?
Oversized clothes in the 90’s
Looking at pictures in the modern age vs. the oldern days
Cameras and lenses