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Oct 25, 2016

Brian Spaeth is heading to the Cavaliers ring night and talks about heading into the city on an historic night with the World Series happening as well. We talked about a number of other topics including fandom of the fair weather variety and much more.

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  • Brian Spaeth discusses Indians and gravy
  • Living in a post-championship world after the Cavaliers
  • Being a fairweather fan and being invested
  • Changing priorities as you get older
  • Caring much less what other people think as you get older
  • Avoiding the entire "true fan" argument
  • Fairweather fan without switching loyalties
  • Believing in a team due to leadership
  • Trying to connect with the NFL and the Browns
  • The Browns losing generations of fans
  • Process over results and losing in order to win
  • The NFL and its reactions are a step forward in a weird way
  • The unintended consequences of all the NFL's rule changes
  • The stretching of our collective attention and what we can do
  • Not watching the Browns in the second half against Cincinnati
  • Relying on the past to sell the team
  • There's no good baseball reason that Francisco Lindor should ever play anywhere else
  • All the analysts are picking the Cubs over the Indians
  • Trusting Francona and thinking about karma
  • Undervaluing sports as a civic asset