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Oct 29, 2020

The Waiting For Next Year Dot Com Joshcast is back and he's talking Buckeyes with Colin Hass-Hill. 

Oct 28, 2020

Josh and Joe had the instant reaction after the Browns' fifth victory of the NFL season in seven tries. 

Oct 19, 2020

Josh and Joe are here to try and make sense of the senseless disaster in Pittsburgh. 

Oct 12, 2020

The Browns are now 4-1 after beating the Colts. Josh and Joe have you covered with their recap. 

Oct 7, 2020

Former WFNY'er and current OBR'er Jake Burns joins the podcast to talk about the Browns and their 3-1 start. How did they get here? What are they doing well? Where can they improve? What about the coaching and player development? The Browns have the Colts coming up this week, but they're over 500 and on a winning...