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Nov 17, 2013

Andrew was fired up after the Cavs won. I can only imagine what this podcast would have been like if they lost.

The Cleveland Cavaliers and Kyrie Irving
Player’s only meetings and what’s going on with that
Dion Waiters and maybe not taking a leap as quickly
Anderson Varejao and his age
Can Varejao be traded?
What is...

May 29, 2013

Kirk wrote a fantastic article exploring the trade market available to the Cavs and I wanted to go over it and push him further on it since it has been out there a few days. Of course we also talked about some other stuff like Dwight Howard.

  • Kirk’s NBA Draft Rumors article
  • Being an eighth seed and the pains of...

May 22, 2013

Scott joined me for about 20 minutes to discuss the Cavaliers goings on since winning the NBA draft lottery last night. Here's what we talked about more specifically.

  • The turmoil of having the first overall pick in the draft

  • What do you think about the trade down cuteness?

  • Due diligence and just how little...

Mar 28, 2013

Craig and Ben Cox break down the Cavs loss to the Celtics. Moral victories stink. Injuries happen, but losing doesn't have to. Cavs crowds. What would Dan Gilbert tell you to do with all this losing? Basketball fans skew young. Why is that? The Spurs and their inimitable style.

Frisbee golf! No it's disc golf.

Mar 24, 2013

In addition to the music podcast, Andrew and Craig spent a few minutes talking about the NBA, specifically the Miami Heat streak. We also talked about the Cavaliers and Byron Scott and losing big leads with inferior teams.