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Aug 23, 2013

We've debated having this podcast for a while, and finally decided to do it. Denny opens up about becoming a dad soon and we talk about all the important things like naming your kid, accumulating the right stuff, overthinking things and trying not to be overwhelmed and scared of other stuff.

The kid podcast with Denny

Finding out what you are having before the birth

Keeping secrets and having girls

Rooting for boys or girls?

Ultrasound tech telling jokes

Ultrasound pics on facebook

Taking classes for child birthing

Putting yourself on the birthing spectrum of prepared and unprepared

Infant CPR and forcing grandparents to go take that class

Being ready to have a kid in the house

The process of getting used to the kid being around

The wife gets to be project lead when it comes to baby time

Denny working hard to not make jokes

The baby registry and being very careful

Finding out Denny’s wife was pregnant before the Big Sur marathon

Pregnant wives make great designated drivers

Doing homework on kids stuff

Avoiding “stroller porn” and buying stuff on Craigslist

Picking out a daycare

Trying to describe the moments directly after your baby is born

Putting baby furniture together and the larger purpose

Naming the baby and the various processes

Naming your kid after Twilight

Having the kid fit the name you give them

Worrying about life choices for way too long when they don’t matter

Denny choosing cloth diapers