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Aug 30, 2013

It was a good night of talk with Denny. No real agenda, but we were able to concentrate on a few things.

Bulleit Rye Whiskey for Denny and decaf for Craig

Watching a high school soccer game with my son

Are any of the high school parents at games drunk?

Doing calisthenics with Ben before bed

Am I too old for 162 games of MLB baseball?

MLB app for baseball fans

MLB data centers for hosting video and cutting it up

Watching highlights on the MLB app could be a replacement for actually watching the game

Paychecks breed responsibility

The start of college football for Denny cutting the cord to TV

Apple TV ESPN not available for non-cable subscribers

Illegal streaming of sports broadcasts

Watching EPL games on the notebook

The SEC vs. the Big Ten

Backing up a brand like they’re a member of your family

ESPN hate and the SEC

Hiring Darren Rovell and whether you can cast an ESPN shadow on every employee

Getting creeped out by high school player ranking services

Rice cookers

Could you go without a microwave?

Brown rice vs. Jasmine rice

What do you generally use to cook the most?

Copper pots vs. stainless steel pots

Interning at a butcher

Starting a program that lets you intern for trades you’d like to learn

Does the modern world still value education?