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Dec 22, 2014

Dave Sterling (@dimoko on Twitter) joins Craig to talk about mostly non-Browns things.

  • Billy Winn reacts to his own GIF
  • Carolina player celebrates his own personal foul
  • NFL refs being stars of the NFL
  • Sony pulling the Seth Rogen movie
  • Sony releasing The Interview on Crackle
  • Unfollowing your favorite football team on social media
  • Adrian Wojnarowski and the Woj bomb
  • The draft tipping thing
  • Sportsyelling and Brutal Stephanie’s youtube show
  • The Browns can’t take advantage of depenalties
  • Browns on Hard Knocks?
  • Paul Rudd narrated Hard Knocks
  • Dave Sterling loves Paul Rudd
  • The ending of Serial podcast
  • Getting surly about Nerdist on Instagram
  • Jewish Christmas traditions
  • CBS shows advertised on football
  • The Big Bang Theory
  • Are there even nerds anymore?
  • Recording in the same room instead of via Skype
  • Dave and Craig talk about Brian Spaeth because he listens when you talk about him