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Sep 26, 2016

Mike Hattery is new to WFNY, so he jumped on the pod after a loss-filled day of Cleveland sports. The Browns lost in overtime to the Dolphins and the Indians lost their season-home-closer to the White Sox. All is not lost, however, because we have podcasts.

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  • Meet Mike Hattery
  • Would you feel better about being a Browns fan or a Dolphins fan?
  • Trapped in 8-8 and Ryan Tannehill
  • How do you watch the Browns in 2016?
  • Watching the Dolphins basically lose to the Browns
  • Thinking about Terrelle Pryor, Corey Coleman and Josh Gordon play all together
  • Joe Haden and his inability to stay on the field
  • What's the future of Joe Haden?
  • Trading Joe Haden's giant contract and what can you get?
  • The Indians losing final home game to the White Sox
  • Criticizing Terry Francona?
  • Resting Lindor, Napoli and the rest down the stretch.
  • Giving Terry Francona the benefit of the doubt
  • Baseball is the ultimate sample size, but managers are micro-analyzed
  • Not making predictions about the Cleveland Indians in the playoffs
  • Forgetting how chaotic and crazy the playoffs can be in MLB
  • Non-sports things that Hattery likes