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Mar 10, 2016

Ben Axelrod of Bleacher Report is free with his opinion on pretty much any topic. We love that about him and he rejoins the WFNY podcast for an episode talking about a wide variety of topics from the Browns, Cavaliers, and Buckeyes to UFC.

Scott Sargent is doing Brackets for a Cure and you can enter to win and even if you don't win, your entry fee goes to a good cause. A $20 entry and some good game picking could earn you a $1000 Visa Gift Card.

Craig's insurance agency Lyndall Insurance is giving away front row seats to the Cleveland Indians' Home Opener. Here are all the details on how you can enter for a chance to win.

  • Buckeyes basketball and what they're doing
  • College basketball and what it is like today
  • Kyrie Irving playing at Duke and the Nike Duke Brotherhood shoes
  • Ohio State Buckeyes NFL pro day
  • Are NFL pro days more like pass / fail events?
  • The Cleveland Browns' opening to free agency
  • Mitchell Schwartz and the lack of second contract guys
  • The Browns haven't cut Johnny Manziel. Why?
  • Johnny Manziel on TMZ daily
  • Evidence, faith and the benefit of the doubt
  • Colin Kaepernick and the rumors the Browns, Jets, and Broncos are interested
  • Do you think cash flow could have anything to do with what the Browns are doing?
  • I have no idea what to make of Dwayne Bowe at this point
  • The Cavaliers and what to make of their season
  • LeBron James' Miami Heat teams got bored in the regular season too
  • The Cleveland Cavaliers and their social media postings
  • LeBron's life in the spotlight
  • Fake accounts reporting news
  • Final thoughts on UFC