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Jan 22, 2014

It's always great to catch up with Martin Rickman, even without a locked down agenda. We ended up talking about lots of cool topics. Make sure you follow Martin Rickman on Twitter.

The Browns and their coaching search

The Browns only won four games and yet nobody thought they should have fired their coach

Is the Browns’ plan awry? Is there any proof that it is?

Is there anything available in the way of proof to indicate the Browns are doing anything well?

Free agency and what the Browns’ reputation does to the roster and personnel

Martin talks about what he knows about Dan Quinn

Trying to deduce who will be a good coach from a nebulous resume

Needing opposing voices in a successful organization

The Browns competing with the Colts in Craig’s household

Martin Rickman’s best of 2013

Ghostface and Chance the Rapper

Chvrches and Arcade Fire

The kind of crowd that Lou Reed used to draw

Signing day and Martin’s thoughts about it

The hat fake-out maneuver