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Jun 20, 2016

You knew it was only a matter of time before I tracked down Brian Spaeth to talk to us about the Cavaliers fulfilling their destiny as champions. We talked about the whole thing.

  • Brian Spaeth talks about a Cleveland Cavaliers championship
  • When did it all set in?
  • Did Brian really believe all the predictions or was it wishful thinking?
  • The stories and narratives that play out in life
  • Believing in the LeBron James story
  • The Cleveland sports story doesn't have to be compared to other athletes or storylines
  • Growing up with Richfield Coliseum
  • Reliving the draft lottery where the Cavs won the rights to draft LeBron James
  • Game 7 and what it's like in any sport
  • Did this finally relieve all the stress for the Browns and Indians as well?
  • Awaiting Scott Raab's follow up book
  • Brian wanted WFNY to just up and quit