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Apr 28, 2015

Dan Parker and Craig Lyndall discuss all things BlueJackets, Monsters and also the upcoming Browns NFL draft.

  • The Report podcast with Dan Parker
  • Complaining about Jack Eichel
  • Sabres trying to get Connor McDavid
  • fast guys who don't look like they're going fast
  • One and done in college hockey versus basketball
  • Drafting college players and letting them continue to play in college
  • Hockey's entry-level contract
  • The Lake Erie Monsters affiliation with the Columbus BlueJackets
  • Is there any downside to the Monsters joining the BlueJackets?
  • Looking for a Monsters writer to cover the BlueJackets' new affiliate
  • How to learn to cover a pro sports team
  • The Browns 2015 NFL draft
  • Marcus Mariota is neither the last piece or Andrew Luck
  • Is Mariota's ceiling higher than Andy Dalton or Joe Flacco?
  • Monsters fan remember Bjorkstrand from Denmark. Watch him.