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Jul 21, 2017

Ben Axelrod has a brand new gig with our friends at WKYC TV in Cleveland. He jumps on the WFNY podcast to discuss that as well as some current sports events.

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  • Not focusing on Ohio State anymore
  • Not confined to sports
  • WKYC adding Ben Axelrod
  • Engagement and interactivity
  • Ben moves beyond just sports
  • Derrick Rose and wanting the Cavaliers to sign him
  • Improving the talent on the roster
  • The Cavaliers not having a plan
  • Koby Altman is the GM apparently
  • Kevin Durant and his deal
  • The Golden State Warriors are the Denver Broncos
  • LeBron signing a final supermax contract?
  • Does LeBron want to play in the NBA with his son?
  • Nobody ever knows what LeBron is going to do
  • Trying to cover the Browns with positivity
  • Liking the Deshone Kizer draft pick and still placing bets on his chances
  • Have the Browns done enough to solve the QB issues?
  • Jay Cutler and Tony Romo in the broadcast booth?
  • Taking a step back and stopping repeating yourself
  • The Browns drive the clicks