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Mar 25, 2016

Andrew was available tonight and so we decided to talk about pretty much everything that's happening in the sports scene. Plus we talked generically about movies.

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  • Batman v Superman and sequels
  • Being forgettable or being remembered and hated
  • Trying to be grateful for great things
  • Battling expectations with the Cleveland Indians
  • Indians fans defending the team in a down year
  • Comparing Cleveland teams to each other
  • The Indians moving to Arizona changing our relationship to the team
  • Getting excited for Francisco Lindor
  • Juan Uribe's true age
  • Mark Shapiro and the Blue Jays
  • The Cavaliers have Senioritis in the worst way
  • LeBron James as an underdog
  • LeBron is a strange star and a non-traditional leader
  • RG3 as a cancer?