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Mar 30, 2017

Dan Labbe of has been a friend of WFNY for a very long time. It's been a lot of fun for us to watch him rise in the ranks of Cleveland sports media over the years. So now we get to call one of the premier Cleveland Browns reporters and columnists a long-time friend of our site! Pretty cool stuff.

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Here's what we discussed on the podcast.

  • Covering the Browns and how to plan strategy
  • Job security and the Browns
  • Distractions and how they're not all created equally
  • Josh Gordon versus Johnny Manziel
  • Wide receivers and being mercenaries
  • Sashi Brown and what he said about Josh Gordon
  • Terrelle Pryor, Kenny Britt and Sashi Brown's statements
  • Trying to compare Terrelle Pryor to Ricky Davis
  • The uniforms and the repudiation of Alec Scheiner
  • Detaching the fan from the reporting gig
  • The lifestyle of reporting on the Browns
  • How do you pull off covering the Browns with so many teammates?
  • Embracing new technologies and experimenting in coverage
  • The Haslam family voting for the Raiders to move
  • Cashing in on the moves and taking risks
  • Stadiums and government and finances