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Mar 15, 2017

I reached out to Aaron Goldhammer to come on the WFNY Podcast to talk about his career in Cleveland sports media. Hammer has always been the "young guy," the "new guy," the guy who "isn't from here," and all of a sudden he's been here quite a long time. We discuss all of that and how he and ESPN Cleveland have gotten to where they are in the media environment that exists today. 

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Here's what else we discussed.

  • Handling adversity and going viral for the wrong reasons
  • Being around when Good Karma purchased WKNR
  • Deciding to be authentic on the air for good and for bad
  • What's a typical work week like off the air?
  • What does it take to prepare and do RBS?
  • Radio influences 
  • Being in town for the Cavaliers championship and the Indians World Series
  • Much more

I had a bunch of interview questions written down, but as it turned out, the conversation just flowed how it flowed.