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Jan 27, 2018

I don't post the 3 Sports podcast ever week here on the WFNY feed, but I wanted to share it this week. Ben Axelrod and I discussed the Cavaliers and their issues. Plus we talked about Jim Thome's HOF acceptance.

Jan 26, 2018

Andrew and Craig are back talking about the Cleveland Browns. Will DeShone Kizer ever win a game as Cleveland Browns starter?

  • The 0-16 Cleveland Browns turning it around on a dime
  • It's ok to feel good about the Browns for a minute
  • Sashi Brown and the position he was in
  • Joe Haden and Joe Thomas talking about him
  • Are the...

Jan 25, 2018

The Cleveland Cavaliers are in a dangerous spot. They're losing badly. They have drama all over the place. The trade deadline is coming. Andrew and Craig break it all down.

  • Did the Cavaliers have to trade Kyrie Irving?
  • LaMarcus Aldridge and Kobe Bryant situations were fixed.
  • David Griffin and his non-resigning.
  • Koby...

Jan 16, 2018

Scott Raab has been an integral part of the WFNY Podcast for a long time. We're always happy to have him as a part of it whenever he has anything to talk about. This time, the futility of the Cleveland Browns and the Perfect Season Parade was the reason. Scott spends the better part of an hour on this episode...

Jan 5, 2018

I decided to check back in with everyone's favorite Cleveland Browns rebranding advocate, @OKPants. The last time he and I talked about rebranding the Browns, the team hadn't fired Sashi Brown yet, let alone finished out the (im)perfect season. So, we checked back in on all things Browns including...