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Feb 6, 2018

Jim Pete and Mike Hattery continue the 2018 Cleveland Indians positional previews by heading on over to first base.

For the first time this decade, the Cleveland Indians will be without Carlos Santana in the lineup. Last season, after several years hopping around the diamond, Santana really found his groove as a gold glove worthy first baseman. Unfortunately, Santana found a new home in Philadelphia, to the tune of three years and $60 million.

The Indians answered losing Santana by signing free agent Yonder Alonso, who is coming off a career year in which he came off of an American League All-Star performance, thanks to becoming a big believer in the fly ball revolution.

The WFNY boys will discuss the impact of the loss of Santana, ponder Alonso as a full-time first baseman, and take a look at the potential platoon options, should Alonso dip in production. Could we see Yandy Diaz, Michael Brantley, Francisco Mejia or Jason Kipnis at first base?