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Feb 5, 2017


Jim Pete and Mike Hattery return to continue the 2017 Positional Previews. This week, Mike and Jim get to take their victory lap, as Jose Ramirez, their muse, broke out with a team-MVP worthy season. The EHC Podcast looks at Ramirez, his 2016 season and how it projects heading into 2017.

Will Jose Ramirez be the full-time third baseman, or will Yandy Diaz or Giovanny Urshela take over third base duties in part, to allow #JRam to move around the field, as he did during the first half of last season?

Catch up on the positional previews:

First Base
Second Base

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2:18--Mike's Great Lakes Brewing Company protest continues: Conway's Irish Ale should be a year-round beer.

2:30--Is Great Lakes Brewing Company a craft brewery, when Jim can find it in a local beer store in Raleigh, NC?

5:15--The case for #JRam regression, and who actually trusts Ramirez, and who doesn't

6:33--#JRam and Great Expectations

9:00--The case for #JRam's continued excellence

10:00--Contact Rules All

12:00--JRam is settled at third, right?

12:50--Is #JRam's value more as a third baseman, or is it as an uber-utility player?

15:25--The fallacy of the prototypical third baseman

17:06--Ramirez vs. Altuve, are there actual similarities, disregarding the fact that one plays third, and the other plays second?

19:55--Ranting with Jim

22:14--Yandy Diaz, and where he plays in 2017

22:50--Will Diaz break camp with the Indians?

22:51--To hell with Michael Martinez

26:54--Service time for a 25-year old?

28:20--Giovanny Urshela's one second of podcast time...alright...maybe two.

29:30--Michael Brantley's role, and how it could impact Ramirez and Diaz

30:00--The plugs of the week

***Special thanks to Mike's brother-in-law, Jonathan Becker, who put together our new intro music! If anyone else is out there that wants their music to be heard, shoot me an email at!