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Feb 8, 2017

The EHC Podcast is proud to introduce to you an intense battle at shortstop for your Cleveland Indians! Okay, that's all a lie. This podcast is simply Jim Pete and Mike Hattery finding different and strange ways to say amazing things about Francisco Lindor, who at 22, is already creating a "once-in-a-generation" legacy, if all things remain equal. We talk Indians depth in the organization, with Jose Ramirez, Yu-Cheng Chang, Willie Castro and Ivan Castillo, and ponder Omar Vizquel's Hall of Fame run, vs. Lindor's already two stout seasons.

Catch up on the positional previews:

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1:45--Mike continues his ongoing rally to force Great Lakes Brewing to keep Conway's Irish Ale on the docket year round, and equally tries to find a friend to have a burger with.

3:00--Erik Gonzalez...the Defender of the Universe

5:15--Can we talk about Francisco Lindor as a generational player, THE superstar of this winning era for the Indians yet?


7:45--20/20 Lindor

9:45--Five-Tool Lindor

10:35--Mike begins to amp up for an Omar Vizquel Hall of Fame fight...Jim doesn't bite...

11:42--Is Lindor already better than Omar Vizquel?

14:25--Lindor--is he the Indians version of Derek Jeter (and..the commencement of the ridiculous comps)

16:30--Improve power should push Lindor over the 7+ WAR ceiling

18:00--Lindor seems to fix his weaknesses, which ultimately enhances the rest of his game...and...he has a sweet jumper.


20:00--Yu-Cheng Chang...and what's so special?

21:30--Chang is undervalued, Willie Castro, and Ivan Castillo

22:47--The Indians just sorta get the middle infield, and have for awhile

23:10--Does Chang profile to the corners in the infield and the outfield?

23:40--The flex-player as a market inefficiency

24:10--The Ben Zobrist model, and how the Indians and Terry Francona are set to take advantage

25:50--Omar Vizquel and the Hall of just won't go away..

26:40--Let's Argue...whining and moaning...and how Jeff Nomina recently had his ass handed to him (Mike paid me to say that)