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Aug 31, 2016

We open the latest podcast with a little site announcement for WFNY. Jeff Nomina is joining WFNY to write some Indians and Cavaliers commentary. And that's just what we brought on the podcast as well.

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  • Dolphins fan in Browns-land
  • The 7-9 Dolphins
  • Is Miami too nice for the...

Aug 25, 2016

Ben Axelrod (twitter) is one of the best guests on the WFNY podcast. He's a sports guy, but he can talk about anything. He's willing to throw questions back at me and challenge me on things. We laugh about stuff usually. This time was no different.

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  • The Cleveland Browns traded...

Aug 24, 2016

We've long talked about having an owner's podcast and now it finally happened. Prior to a WFNY owner's conference call, we talked about a whole host of things. We talked about WFNY. We talked about where we've been, where we're going and what we think about when we're planning for the future.

No conclusions. No breaking...

Aug 18, 2016

It's been a bit of a podcast drought of late, and it probably won't get better until next week. That being the case I wanted to check in and give you my Cleveland Browns preview thoughts as we get into Game 2 of the 2016 NFL pre-season. I also discussed some of these points at length on the pages of WFNY.


Aug 6, 2016

Dave Sterling? Who is this Dave Sterling? The man behind the Browns Friday Fumble comes out of his sports contentedness to chat with Craig on the podcast.

They talk about the following:

  • Post-championship sports contentedness
  • Do you like the Olympics?
  • Track and field
  • Men's soccer vs. Women's soccer
  • USA Basketball
  • Dave's...