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Nov 27, 2015

It was a long bye week off for the Cleveland Browns, but Dave and Dylan are back for another episode of the Browns Friday Fumble! They covered the recap of the last browns game. Gave their takes in the Johnny Manziel situation, bring you a revamped power rankings and covered the ins and outs of the Baltimore...

Nov 25, 2015

Ohio State is headed to Michigan for The Game. We break it down with Dan Parker.

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  • There's no reason in the world to see another snap of...

Nov 25, 2015

Dave and Craig had a get-together electronically over audio to talk about Johnny Manziel and turkey day recipe tips.

  • The Browns Friday Fumble
  • Dave gets jealous of Craig's guest
  • Johnny Manziel's future versus Mike Pettine
  • Mike Pettine's decision crossroads with Jimmy Haslam
  • The Browns fans need to trust professionals...

Nov 20, 2015

I always wonder what the perception of the Cleveland Cavaliers and their fans are from a national perspective, so I asked one of the fun NBA media follows to come on the podcast. Dan Devine covers the NBA for Yahoo and Ball Don't Lie.

Here's what else we discussed.

  • Allston Massachusetts as the Student Slums
  • How does...

Nov 18, 2015

It's a Twitter block party with Ben Axelrod! Not really, but we talk about how many each of us have blocked on Twitter, plus Ohio State, WWE, Brock Lesnar, and Ohio State against Michigan State this weekend. Here's what else we discussed...

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