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Aug 29, 2014

It's been since LeBron joined the Cavaliers since I talked to Andrew. A lot has happened since. Here's some of what we spoke about...

Topics include:

  • Browns preseason game against Chicago
  • Brian Hoyer looking decent
  • Kevin Love’s opening press conference
  • Nationalize sports / communism
  • Nirvana and whether they really...

Aug 27, 2014

I was happy to have Dave Sterling (@dimoko) back on the podcast. We started out accidentally discussing public urination and ended with the breaking news that Josh Gordon's year-long suspension has been upheld by the NFL.

We also talked about Kevin Love and his "decision" to come to the Cleveland Cavaliers. We talked...

Aug 26, 2014

I had Jeff Rosenberg from OJ the Musical on once before to promote his movie. I've been trying to get the Cleveland native back since it's been released on iTunes and other VOD places. To my benefit this time he brought the movie's star, Jordan Kenneth Kamp.

We talked about the movie, what it was like to take it...

Aug 20, 2014

The fake Jim Kanicki who is also the real Mike Burgermeister came on the podcast to talk about the Browns today. 

We talked about the following...

  • Brian Hoyer's MNF game 
  • Johnny Manziel's MNG game
  • The offensive line vs. the defensive line
  • The Cleveland Browns running attack in 2014
  • Jerome Harrison 
  • Browns unhealthy...

Aug 20, 2014

Matt Dery from 105.1 FM in Detroit jumped on the podcast to discuss lots of Cleveland sports topics.

  • Johnny Manziel vs. Brian Hoyer
  • The QB curse and Matt Stafford
  • Does Detroit appreciate Matt Stafford?
  • The Cavaliers getting LeBron James
  • The Dolan "cheapness" bit
  • The Cleveland Indians in 2014
  • Indians trade deadline