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Nov 26, 2013

Hate week and what chances Michigan has this year

What’s happening at Michigan?

Is Michigan engaged in a process or is it off the rails?

Al Borges and the Michigan offense

Comparing Devin Gardner to Brandon Weeden

Losing the four overtime game to Penn State

Michigan’s struggles against Akron and...

Nov 25, 2013

It was another awful week in Cleveland sports. It was so bad in fact that I don't think Scott or I could even muster up any anger over it. When you get lulled out of anger and into straight depression, it doesn't mean it's any easier. It's just sadder.
Anyway, here's the email I sent to Scott on Sunday night before...

Nov 22, 2013

Denny and I got together for a Casual Friday podcast on the Internet. It was a chat with very little agenda, but it worked pretty well this week, I think.

24 hour crippling sicko hangover
What makes a real martini?
Are flavored martinis real?
Caribbean drinks even when you’re not in the caribbean
Missing out on the...

Nov 18, 2013

Bernie Kosar is near and dear to Cleveland fans' hearts. To a person, there's probably not anyone who doesn't want one of Cleveland's most beloved athletes to be well and feel well. Years of playing a brutal sport in the 80's has obviously taken a toll on Kosar and last year he came out heralding the treatments of...

Nov 18, 2013

Scott and I touched on a lot of topics today, including the impending fight over stadium funding in Cleveland. We talked about the Browns loss to the Bengals and the mostly disappointing start for the Cavaliers.

12 Years a Slave by Steve McQueen
Pete Franklin and his history revolutionizing radio
The way Pete Franklin...