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Oct 28, 2013

Scott Raab was on his way to the airport and it was a perfect opportunity for us to do our podcast as he was driven through NY traffic. Here's the email I sent him the night before.

Hope all is well.

We'll obviously talk about the Browns. I'm not going to say too much, just that I wasn't horribly disappointed and...

Oct 27, 2013

Craig and Andrew talk new music including their own insecurities about darlings of critics.

Pearl Jam Lightning Bolt
Comparing Lightning Bolt to Hesitation Marks
Sirens moving to the top of the Pearl Jam charts
Kevin Devine delivers Bulldozer and Bubblegum
The thought of writing two albums as a solo artist
Andrew and...

Oct 26, 2013

Craig and Andrew love music. They also love to support the musicians who make that music. That's why it's so very frustrating to have a legal option like Spotify and then find out that some of their favorite artists like Radiohead and David Bazan have serious and real problems with the business model. On the one hand,...

Oct 24, 2013

Always good to catch up with Martin Rickman. Today we found ourselves talking about sports and media and college football. 

Event at the Happy Dog

Enjoying the interview style of Scott Raab and Zac Jackson

The player interview 

Trying to cover younger players

Covering Jameis Winston and how much he has it in terms...

Oct 23, 2013

Rick was on hand today for Rob Chudzinski's press conference and also Jason Campbell's media availability. We talk about a lot of other Browns stuff.

Did the Browns try hard enough to compete in 2013?
Brandon Weeden and whether he can ever start for the Browns again
Joe Thomas and his free pass for not talking to the...