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Jul 30, 2013

It's always a love-fest when I get Les Levine on the podcast. I won't even apologize for it. We discussed the Indians attendance, the perception of the Dolan family and the latest Browns announcements that came out yesterday.
  • When was the last time Les was nervous for a shift on radio?
  • Les’ history in the radio...

Jul 29, 2013

This week with Scott Raab talking Cleveland sports we talked about the trade deadline, the training camp storylines and Jimmy Haslam. Here's what else we discussed.

  • The pear trees in my yard and the dogs that eat them
  • False memory studies in MIT
  • Training camp storylines
  • Tape recorders vs. audio recorders
  • Training camp...

Jul 26, 2013

After a week off, I caught up with Denny for another casual Friday podcast. We had no real agenda other than drinking a few beers and talking about food and music and movies and stuff. It was fun.

  • Dogfish head IPA 90 minute IPA
  • 21st Amendment Brew Free or Die IPA
  • Milton Delaware where Dogfish Head is
  • 120 Minute...

Jul 25, 2013

One of my buddies from college is a comedian, actor and personal trainer in New York City. He's headlined Caroline's Comedy club a number of times, been in Saturday Night Live sketches and has also been one of a miniscule number of clean bodybuilders in the world. I've been looking for a reason to talk to him, and I...

Jul 23, 2013

A nice little journey that had very little to do with RIPD.

  • RIPD and Kevin Bacon being hidden from the trailer
  • Hippies and why anyone would choose to be an archetype
  • Hipsters and hippies and emos and punks
  • Brian judges Craig unfairly
  • Town Hall in Ohio City
  • Brian’s judgement of his people in the theater
  • Kid making...