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Apr 7, 2016

Chris Clem is starting to become a regular on the WFNY Podcast thanks to Dave Sterling bringing him into the fold. I reached out to him this time to discuss his trip to see Wrestlemania 32 and also to discuss the Cavaliers hitting the switch for the playoffs. You can find everything related to Chris Clem at his website and here is a link for his podcast directly.

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  • Wrestlemania 32 but Wrestlemania Dallas
  • Binge watching turning into a chore
  • The history of Opie and Anthony
  • Chris Clem's nosebleed corner seats
  • All wrestling fans think they could write the storylines
  • Enjoying the moment and letting Wrestlemania be the spectacle it was
  • Wrestlemania 2 and the product placement
  • Erasing Jared Fogle from the WWE and co-signing for the misdeeds
  • Picking and choosing what entertainers we hold accountable
  • The Fabulous Freebirds into the hall of fame
  • The energy in the building during hell in a cell
  • The length of the matches at Wrestlemania
  • LeBron unfollows the Cavs and flips the switch
  • The Boston Celtics and Isaiah Thomas
  • Gilbert Arenas vs. Steph Curry
  • The pride in losing with last year's Cavaliers