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Jul 28, 2015

Andrew and Craig are both fans at heart so it gives no joy to see the Indians struggle so mightily. It's still crazy to think just how much has gone right for the Cavs and wrong for the Cleveland Indians. Here's the rest of what we discussed.

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  • WFNY's coverage of NBA CBA
  • The third generation of WFNY
  • Learning a CBA and knowing it cold and then they change it
  • The Columbus Clippers sell out games
  • Baseball as a happening and the concessions at Huntington Park
  • The disappointment level with the Indians down in Columbus
  • How crushing is the Indians season for the casual fan?
  • The Indians and their sales message
  • The baseball and its star culture
  • SportsCenter can't tell the story of a baseball game anymore
  • The Ty Lawson trade was bigger than almost anything in baseball for the season
  • Delly is back on a qualifying offer. Long live Dellavedova!
  • Debunking all the Cavs offseason rumor and innuendo
  • Opposing team executives floating wishful thinking