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Apr 26, 2017

The what sports boys? The Friday Fumble crew is a way. Dave has found himself in a rented office trying to piece together the shattered Browns podcast he once had. He gets in touch with some old friends to not only get his show back on the podcast network, but also provide some of the best draft analysis that you will ever get. Dave is joined by Dylan, Yazan, Anthony Disgustini, Lucious Debris and of course Pal Alan to get you ready for this Thursday's draft.

We get takes from each person on:

  • Who will we take at pick 1?
  • Who will we take at pick 2?
  • Will we trade for Jimmy Garaffalo?
  • Will Jimmy Haslem Intervene?
  • Who is the most Ron Dayne like player in the draft?
  • Who is your sleeper pick?
  • Who will we take at pick 187?

So listen up to be the most informed person at the office/factory with this fact packed episode of the Browns Friday Fumble, right here on WFNY

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