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Jan 1, 2014

The first podcast of 2014 goes to Brian Spaeth. (Follow Brian on Twitter @brianspaeth) - We'd been meaning to talk for a while about the Cavaliers, and the news has been so intense around the Browns that Brian talked about that team for once. He doesn't do that one often.
An enjoyable conversation to start the new year. Here are some of the particulars.
  • Brians Spaeth talks sports
  • Is New Year’s Eve a breakup holiday?
  • The Cleveland Browns and what Brian’s take is on them
  • It’s hard for Brian to take them seriously
  • The timing of the Browns blowing it up
  • Alec Scheiner taking responsibility for the snow mess-up
  • The Browns just look dumb
  • Interesting for the Browns it would have been easy to keep Chud
  • The Cavaliers are a joke as well
  • The Cavs and how little sense the roster makes
  • Is Dan Gilbert a good sports owner?
  • What the Browns said about Chud “not needing more time” applies to the Cavaliers
  • Not wanting to talk about Cleveland sports
  • Talking about attendance in 2014 and comparing Browns to Indians
  • The movie business and why it’s hard for things to converge
  • Early adopters of technology