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Sep 23, 2013

The Browns won, the Indians won and I also forced Scott to talk to us about his writing process. I just figure to have a writer of Scott's stature on the podcast and not occasionally talk about the job of writing would be insane. He's nice enough to put up with the topic on occasion.

Craig on vacation in Virginia Beach
The Cleveland Browns win against the Vikings
The Trent Richardson deal goes down
Rooting for the team but tuning out so you don’t have to invest in it
Joe Banner and his reputation
Michael Lombardi’s potential for floating rumors about Josh Gordon
The franchise quarterback conundrum
Bernie Kosar and the Browns competing for Super Bowls
The media and fans congratulating the Joe Banner / Mike Lombardi front office for getting a first round draft pick
Trick plays and gimmicking their way to a win
Christian Ponder and when he was picked
The AFC North and the lack of #1 quarterbacks in the division
Brandon Weeden and when we should see him again
“We’ve got to see what we have in….”
Tony Grossi, Eric Mangini and the finger that needed to be pointed at Lerner
The Cleveland Indians and Michael Bourn
Technical writing information on environment from Scott Raab