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Sep 30, 2013

Scott and Craig have their first of (hopefully) many really happy podcasts. I admit that I was practically giddy talking about the Tribe game on Wednesday.

Can Scott Raab be happy when Cleveland sports enables him to do so?
Criticism vs. love and all the emotions in between
The amount of hate in love and lifelong commitment
“Please stay away, don’t come back”
Interviewing Patrick Stewart and racing home for the Tribe game
Scott streamed the Browns even though he swore them off
The Muni Lot and the the 7 AM opening time
Tailgating in your living room the night before the game
The “here we go Brownies” chant and how it’s been a parody because the team hasn’t won
Brian Hoyer and his overwhelming competence on the field
Brandon Weeden and the position he was put in
The effect of confidence and calmness
Naming the starting quarterback for Thursday
Trying to find long-term referendums from short-term results
Holding the front office accountable for the Trent Richardson trade
I guess I shouldn’t try to talk anyone out of being optimistic
Craig thinks he was wrong about Buster Skrine
Danny Salazar starting the Wild Card game
The Jason Giambi era in Cleveland
Terry Francona pulling all the right strings
Chris Perez talking to the press yesterday
Trying to defend Chris Perez and how he’s just immature in Craig’s opinion
We all know we have holes in our game
Justin Masterson as a weapon in the bullpen
Six seasons is a lifetime in baseball
Cleveland is not St. Louis, but it’s definitely not Tampa either
The Indians sold out the Wednesday Wild Card game
The loss of big name players and how they haven’t been replaced
Scott prefers that the Indians get Texas over Tampa
Chris Antonetti and giving him credit for once
Francona and Brian Hoyer showing extreme competence
Stipe Miocic’s tweet to end the podcast