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Dec 30, 2014

Dave Sterling (dimoko on Twitter) and I discussed the Cleveland Browns in an atypically sports-heavy podcast for us. We also discussed Dave's True Detective marathon and the aftermath of The Interview's VOD release over the holidays. Here's what else we chatted about.

  • The sense of relief after the Browns season ended
  • The Browns brass all being on the same page
  • The lack of a perpetual dog house in Mike Pettine’s world
  • Johnny Manziel hasn’t been named the starter
  • Brian Hoyer elevated over Jason Campbell
  • The Browns trying to scrap their way to the playoffs every year
  • Jay Cutler to the Browns?
  • My Jay Cutler argument is the same as my Brian Hoyer argument
  • Joe Lull on Jake Locker
  • Brian Hoyer and whether he’s capable of getting better or not
  • Josh Gordon missing walk-through and how crazy it is
  • Banished from the sidelines and Mike Pettine
  • Johnny Manziel and the lack of a Tebow career path
  • Movie talk about The Interview
  • The Hobbit at a high frame rate on the XD screen
  • True Detective marathon on Christmas for Dave