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Jul 11, 2017

Ray Flanagan (Facebook) is one of the most talented musicians in Cleveland. You wouldn't know it from talking to him because he comes off pretty reserved, but when he's on a stage playing guitar and singing, it's immediately obvious.

Ray recently signed on to do a monthly gig - a residency - at The Euclid Tavern, which is now owned by the fine people of Happy Dog fame. Ray will be playing the first Sunday of every month from August until the end of 2017 and maybe beyond.

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Here's what else we discussed:

  • Ray's new "accidental" album
  • Working with Jim Stewart on an EP and ending up with 16 songs
  • Trying to be heard in 2017
  • Focusing on your strengths and forgetting about your weaknesses
  • Opening up for Train's makeup date at Nautica
  • Putting politics in music with subtlety
  • Observation versus political commentary
  • Standup comedians and their level of power
  • The history of The Euclid Tavern
  • Derek Hess booking the Euclid Tavern
  • How to use a platform