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Jun 28, 2013

Wow, did Denny and I cover a lot of ground. Or did we cover no real ground at all? I prefer to think the former, although the biggest news of the day - the 2013 NBA draft - went completely undiscussed. Still, there was a lot there, which is what we aim to do on casual Fridays.

  • Potty training and how to teach the kid to go
  • Coffee and Scott Raab calling my Keurig
  • Brewing temperature of the Keurig
  • Grinder vs. pre-ground coffee
  • Joe Rogan and his Onnit coffee
  • Buying raw coffee beans that are green
  • About 20 minutes to roast the coffee, but 12.5 minutes of pure roasting time
  • Using the Whirley Pop to roast coffee beans
  • A French roast coffee bean and just how dark it is
  • The Aeropress coffee maker
  • Google Reader replacements
  • Covering Mangini’s NFL draft where they traded out of Mark Sanchez for Alex Mack
  • Jacob and Denny played chicken with the NFL Draft weekend
  • Beat reporters and whether or not they’re born or created
  • Applauding the Supreme Court is an odd phenomenon
  • Steve Jobs was almost apolitical
  • Washington D.C. residents don’t have representation in Congress
  • Having recall of what you said a long time ago
  • UFC pay per views and what time they start
  • Cutting the cable TV out of your life
  • Not watching any filler on TV anymore
  • Do you watch TV with others on Twitter?
  • USMNT and the Columbus Crew soccer games
  • Hector Marinaro, Otto Orf, and Kai Haaskivi with the Cleveland Force