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Oct 27, 2013

Craig and Andrew talk new music including their own insecurities about darlings of critics.

Pearl Jam Lightning Bolt
Comparing Lightning Bolt to Hesitation Marks
Sirens moving to the top of the Pearl Jam charts
Kevin Devine delivers Bulldozer and Bubblegum
The thought of writing two albums as a solo artist
Andrew and Craig both love Redbird
Those Darlins - Blur the Line
Arcade Fire - Reflektor
Craig and Andrew both took to Neon Bible first before Funeral
Arcade Fire and the CMJ fest
James Murphy and LCD Soundsystem
The idolatry of musicians and how annoying it is at times
Comparing Arcade Fire with Tool
Comparing Arcade Fire to Bright Eyes
Anticipating the new Mansions album
Anticipating Wooden Shjips