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Hosted by Craig Lyndall, the Waiting For Next Year podcast is about Cleveland sports mostly. Other topics include the media, culture and anything else we feel like talking about.
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Aug 15, 2013

Today I decided to talk to Rebecca Meiser who recently wrote a feature for SB Nation on Underwater Hockey

Here's Rebecca's bio:

Rebecca Meiser is a freelance writer living in Cleveland. She's won awards for sports writing, personality profiles, and investigative reporting. A graduate of Northwestern's Medill School of Journalism, her long form stories have been featured in Cleveland Magazine, Tablet, Village Voice publications, and SB Nation. You can find her on twitter @rebeccameiser and on the web at

Here's a video of Roger Bacon playing underwater hockey in 2011.

  • Underwater hockey with Roger Bacon
  • Why hasn’t underwater hockey gone viral yet?
  • A silent sport under the water
  • Michigan State being a rivalry with Roger Bacon and the rivalry
  • Underwater hockey as a recruiting tool for the high school
  • The dynamics of a co-ed sport that limits verbal communication
  • How did she come to write it for SB Nation?
  • Long form pieces at SB Nation
  • Paul Wittekund and his carrying on the tradition of underwater hockey
  • What’s Becky’s relationship to sports, especially Cleveland sports
  • Cleveland is starting an underwater hockey team
  • Jewish athletes in sports

Aug 14, 2013

I couldn't get a proper cold cuts conversation out of Brian Spaeth, so I saw an opening with TD and I grabbed it! Also, make sure you let us know what you think of the two songs I put together as potential replacements for our opening sounder.

  • The Indians collapse
  • Craig tries out two new songs as potential openers for the podcast
  • Is it good enough to just contend late in the season?
  • Do the Indians have any more free agency options in the bank?
  • Dropping the payroll to the bottom of the league in payroll
  • Asdrubal Cabrera probably won’t be in Cleveland next year
  • Where does the growth come from in Terry Francona’s second year?
  • Has Prince Fielder been a problem of a contract?
  • Asdrubal Cabrera as cleanup hitter is a joke
  • Mark Reynolds had one of the strangest seasons I’ve ever seen in my life
  • Lonnie Chisenhall and what he can become or not
  • Nick Swisher and how nobody kills him
  • Chris Perez’ time in Cleveland is just over
  • Could it have been any different?
  • “If I told you in April” arguments
  • Making the playoffs and whether it is a mandate for this season
  • Never changing names in the front office for the Indians
  • Eric Mangini’s draft in 2009
  • Tim Couch’s career
  • Barkevious Mingo and how it’s nice that he’s not pressed into starting right away
  • This could be the healthiest coaching staff we’ve ever seen
  • Paul Kruger and Desmond Bryant
  • Explaining tailgating to your 5 year old son
  • Improvements around Cleveland Browns Stadium

Aug 13, 2013

Brian Spaeth (@brianspaeth) and Craig Lyndall (@WFNYCraig) talk about lots of stuff and also the movie Elysium.

  • Why did I have a viral podcast?
  • Bronie and The Postal Service?
  • Deli meat and why the world accepts turkey over chicken
  • Brian’s thoughts on deli meats
  • Brian’s intimidated by the deli counter
  • Craig offers to show Brian the ropes of the deli counter
  • Who has $150 dinners?
  • Tipping and talking to the deli counter
  • Elysium should have been directed to 14 and 15 year olds
  • World building and how critical we should be of it
  • Jodi Foster’s performance and how distracting it was
  • Jodi Foster seemed to be a caricature of a bad guy
  • Jodi Foster’s facial expressions didn’t seem to have any life
  • Matt Damon was playing a Hispanic character
  • Neill Blomkamp’s goals were high and he failed to reach them
  • Sharlto Copley looked like Kenny Loggins and was really sinister as the villain
  • Spoilers begin and Brian goes in on world building
  • Sweatshops and technology and why people are working in factories
  • The human fixing machines are distributed one per home
  • Elysium made me think of Caprica more than anything
  • Brian fixes Elysium

Aug 12, 2013

Scott Raab (@ScottRaab64) and Craig Lyndall (@WFNYCraig) talk about all the Cleveland sports topics from Bernie Kosar to the floundering Cleveland Indians. Here's what else we talked about.

  • Marketing 101 with Brian Spaeth (@brianspaeth)
  • Bernie Kosar’s comments about Kellen Clemens and the Pope
  • When you take local comments national the context changes
  • NFL AM hypocritically mocks Mark Sanchez after slapping Bernie Kosar’s wrists
  • Wolf Blitzer vs. Walter Cronkite
  • Casa D’Barons memories from Scott Raab
  • Peter King and Jeff Fisher sharing the same agent
  • Nate Jackson’s book and how they worked with the same editor
  • Bernie’s demons and how fair game they are
  • Should Joe Banner have apologized for Bernie?
  • Sports has turned into a reality TV show
  • Johnny “Football” Manziel and Scott’s thoughts on that
  • The hatred for people with money from Manziel to Lindsey Lohan and Paris Hilton
  • Exploring the nature of fanhood
  • Scott Raab interviewing Michael J. Fox
  • George Kokinis and what happened with the Browns is a mythical giant
  • Tom Heckert and the stories of his drinking
  • Eric Mangini’s last season as a Jets coach
  • The Indians and what happened in only a week since Scott and Craig talked
  • Cleveland fans and their “Detroit’s Bankrupt” chant
  • Mike Polk’s hastily made tourism video
  • Away fans going to games
  • Do you try to draw attention to yourself as an away fan?
  • Jason Giambi’s players only meeting after the Tigers sweep
  • The Indians haven’t added the one star in the past five years
  • Choose disgust over anger
  • The WFNY comment section and how we try to keep it better
  • Why is the podcast uncensored when WFNY is not?

Aug 9, 2013

Denny Mayo @dennymayo and Craig Lyndall @WFNYCraig do the casual Friday thing talking running, the post office and Denny's relationship with Ohio's sports fans.

  • Morning coffee
  • Movie quote guys vs. unoriginal people
  • Craig’s worst ever running glory story about the older guy in wind pants
  • Denny’s five miler race in Media Pennsylvania
  • Aiming for a sub-7 pace in a five miler
  • Not wanting to get beat by a 50-something uncle
  • Under 20 minutes in a 5k
  • Fake competitions within a race
  • How fast can you run a mile?
  • Denny’s post office story
  • The growing standards of the day
  • The post office hires their own mechanics
  • Have you ever seen a broken down UPS truck?
  • The word signage and how I want to “fire it into the sun”
  • Bronies who like My Little Pony
  • Trying not to disparage others for their hobbies
  • How old were you when you realized you would hate dating an 18 year-old?
  • Anime convention
  • How’s Denny’s relationship with Ohio sports fans today?
  • Being a walking elitist with no justification

Aug 8, 2013

Brian and I talked about a lot of things today other than the movies. Check out Brian on Twitter @brianspaeth or at his website

  • The Plain Dealer laying off employees
  • cutting delivery dates
  • the future of the newspaper business
  • 2 Guns movie review
  • Is Mark Wahlberg somehow underrated?
  • Brian Spaeth takes a bathroom break
  • The Indians attendance issue and how contentious it is on twitter
  • NBA Twitter vs. NFL Twitter vs. MLB twitter
  • The Wolverine and whether it needed to be made or not
  • Michael Bay movies
  • Should Darren Aranofsky have stayed on Wolverine?
  • Craig is lazy about putting plugs in his show notes
  • He shouldn't be so lazy with his show notes

Aug 7, 2013

On Mondays I talk to Scott Raab, but I don't talk to WFNY's own Scott nearly often enough. We found some time to do it up podcast style. We discussed Chris Perez, and the Browns' salary cap situation.

  • Ariel Helwani and his awesome video blog show setup
  • Jamison Hensley’s video from Berea was an embarrassment
  • Chris Perez and his meltdown against Detroit
  • Scott Sargent is in the bag for Chris Perez
  • Chris Perez loses games in big big spots
  • Mariano Rivera and Craig Kimbrel
  • Carlos Carrasco, Danny Salazar and Fausto Carmona as failed closers
  • Craig thinks Jonathan Papelbon is good looking
  • Chris Perez not talking to the media last night
  • Did Perez let his teammates down by not talking?
  • Francona has a history of taking up for his guys
  • The Perez marijuana case and how that’s impacting fans
  • Perez’ bed and how he made it
  • Not wearing the scarlet letter and also not condoning bad fan behavior
  • Alex Mack and his extension... where is it?
  • You would take Alex Mack over Mark Sanchez 100 times out of 100
  • How hard would it be to replace Alex Mack?
  • Browns extending Christian Yount for five years
  • Are the Browns thinking about extending Joe Haden?
  • Could this be the last season for D’Qwell Jackson in Cleveland?

Aug 5, 2013

Everyone loves when @SteelersDepot comes on the WFNY podcast. Yes, he's a Steelers blogger, but his knowledge of the AFC North is gigantic. He's as dedicated to it as anyone in the world, I think. So, when I want to find out what's happening around the division, it's an obvious call. Drop him a compliment on Twitter Browns fans. @Steelersdepot

  • Dave Bryan from the Steelers Depot talking AFC North football
  • Backhanded compliments for Dave
  • Browns training camp practices setting records
  • Michael Lombardi and what he knows
  • Davone Bess and how big a move that is for the Browns
  • Ray Horton and how good a corner he can be
  • Is it a crime not to spend for the Browns with holes?
  • Saving money for franchise quarterbacks
  • Alex Mack’s extension and when that will get done
  • T.J. Ward extension and whether the Browns will get that done
  • Losing Phil Dawson and whether or not Browns fans are crazy to be so big on Dawson
  • The Bengals and whether they’ve peaked with Andy Dalton
  • Can Andy Dalton do what it takes to win a few games?
  • A.J. Green is easily the best receiver in the AFC North
  • BenJarvus Green-Ellis is a plodder and not a feature back
  • James Harrison with the Bengals is like Willie McGinest was with the Browns
  • Rey Maualuga and whether he can finally put it together
  • Jayson DiManche and whether he can be a pleasant surprise for the Bengals
  • Ozzie Newsome filling in the defensive holes and lucking into Elvis Dumervil
  • Replacing Paul Kruger and Anquan Boldin
  • Torrey Smith picking up the slack for Anquan Boldin and Dennis Pitta
  • The Ravens are worse than they were last year
  • Super Bowl hangover real?
  • Does ten wins take the division?
  • Offensive line in Pittsburgh is the biggest question mark
  • Losing Mike Wallace isn’t insignificant, but they’re OK with Antonio Brown
  • Ben Roethlisberger and staying healthy
  • The Kansas City Chiefs offensive line running against the AFC North is what the Steelers will try to do
  • Heath Miller is a huge loss for the Steelers for at least the first four weeks it looks like
  • Can the Steelers defense stay healthy?
  • The loss of Casey Hampton and whether his replacement can fill the hole
  • LaMarr Woodley and his conditioning and shape
  • Shamarko Thomas and how quickly he can contribute
  • Third safety in some big nickel packages
  • Shamarko Thomas learning from Troy Polamalu
  • Shamarknado and how the Steelers could carry five safeties
  • Steelers fans that think Dick LeBeau needs to hang it up
  • Tracking explosive plays and test the correlation with winning percentage
  • Ranking the AFC North
  • Setting expectations for the Browns
  • Bengals are probably better but they can’t run away with it

Aug 5, 2013

Scott Raab and I went on an audio journey this evening. It started very focused on Cleveland sports, but once we hit the Plain Dealer topic, things went all over the place. Enjoyed it just the same.

  • J.G. Spooner’s dislike of the cancer kid touchdown run
  • Servicemen surprising their family on a football field
  • P.R. stunts and whether or not they’re harmful
  • Roger Goodell’s head injury youth football camp
  • The NFL and head injuries compared with tobacco companies and cancer
  • Should the media have asked anything but Jimmy Haslam questions?
  • Could I have thought of anything to ask Roger Goodell?
  • What’s the dynamic between Jimmy Haslam and Roger Goodell?
  • Danny Salazar and his potential to be better than Jaret Wright
  • How important is it to make the playoffs for the organization?
  • The Indians took the payroll down into the $40 million range
  • Scott’s dramatic pause makes me think he hung up
  • The Plain Dealer dropping circulation and staff
  • What does the future look like?
  • Darwinism in capitalism
  • Healthcare and government and dollars getting in the way of logic
  • Riley Cooper and the “racism thing”
  • Riley Cooper’s apologies and how good they were

Jul 30, 2013
It's always a love-fest when I get Les Levine on the podcast. I won't even apologize for it. We discussed the Indians attendance, the perception of the Dolan family and the latest Browns announcements that came out yesterday.
  • When was the last time Les was nervous for a shift on radio?
  • Les’ history in the radio business after Ohio State
  • Jasper Indiana near French Lick Indiana
  • Les’ career playing with the Jasper Red semi-pro baseball club
  • Cleveland Indians attendance discussion
  • The hatred of the Dolans and whether it’s fair or not
  • Mark Shapiro and Chris Antonetti and whether or not they get a fair shake from fans anymore
  • Matt LaPorta was a really desirable commodity
  • The Cleveland Indians need to make the playoffs
  • It’s all about playoff appearances
  • Browns tailgating culture and how the Browns are going to attack that
  • Happy hour in order to get fans in earlier
  • The really “off-the-rails” fans
  • The new Browns executives and how they’re not from Cleveland at all
  • The drum corps but not the cheerleaders
Jul 29, 2013

This week with Scott Raab talking Cleveland sports we talked about the trade deadline, the training camp storylines and Jimmy Haslam. Here's what else we discussed.

  • The pear trees in my yard and the dogs that eat them
  • False memory studies in MIT
  • Training camp storylines
  • Tape recorders vs. audio recorders
  • Training camp storylines and how the “summer superlatives” have begun
  • The obsessed sports fans and how little was available in the past
  • Pat Shurmur’s year-over-year change
  • Pierre Garcon thinks the Redskins can be the best offense ever
  • Over 4400 Browns fans at Training Camp yesterday
  • Chris Antonetti’s sales job to the Cleveland fans
  • Lonnie Chisenhall’s performance since being brought back up
  • Defining “all in” at the trade deadline
  • Lefty relievers and using Joe Smith against lefties
  • The Indians are a good fun team and that’s why they should add talent
  • How much of this is Chris Antonetti’s bad sales job?
  • Managing expectations with the fanbase and what the Indians need to do
  • Is this the last gasp of Mark Shapiro and Chris Antonetti?
  • The NFL, and elusive parity with the Cleveland Browns
  • The Browns cap space and what it means for Browns fans
  • McFadden should be a player
  • Dick Jauron can be good even while you pine away for Ray Horton
  • Getting after the quarterback
  • Joe Namath and his iconic figure status
  • Frank Ryan and his PHD in mathematics
  • Chip Kelly and giving all the credit to Pat Shurmur
  • HGH testing and blood tests
  • Biogenesis lab and how young people were to get in there
  • Jimmy Haslam’s cases and trying to settle everything

Jul 26, 2013

After a week off, I caught up with Denny for another casual Friday podcast. We had no real agenda other than drinking a few beers and talking about food and music and movies and stuff. It was fun.

  • Dogfish head IPA 90 minute IPA
  • 21st Amendment Brew Free or Die IPA
  • Milton Delaware where Dogfish Head is
  • 120 Minute IPA
  • Portland Oregon and the cans that you have to open with an opener
  • Lebowski and how Craig isn’t as big a fan as everyone else
  • Zoolander and how hysterical it really is
  • Blades of Glory starring Will Ferrell
  • Redbox pressure and renting movies
  • Generation Um starring Keanu Reeves
  • Chasing Amy recommended to my mom
  • Thom Yorke dismissing the loud soft loud song structure
  • Creep and whether or not Radiohead should dismiss it
  • Marc Maron’s interview with Thom Yorke
  • Mumford and Sons and how their “growth” isn’t really growth
  • The Lumineers and the flatness of “Slow it Down”
  • “Fever Dream” by Iron and Wine
  • Iron and Wine with Calexico maybe should have been a one-off
  • Home brewing beer
  • Distilling at home is illegal
  • Prosciutto takes a year to make
  • Steak and whether or not it’s really good
  • Bone Sucking BBQ Sauce
  • Vacuum sealing storer called “mealsaver”
  • Making BBQ Sauce from scratch
  • Making spaghetti sauce from scratch
  • Dogs + Habanero
  • The media vs. the appetite for that thing
  • Ohio Things
  • Dan Devine and Allston Mass

Jul 25, 2013

One of my buddies from college is a comedian, actor and personal trainer in New York City. He's headlined Caroline's Comedy club a number of times, been in Saturday Night Live sketches and has also been one of a miniscule number of clean bodybuilders in the world. I've been looking for a reason to talk to him, and I figured talking about Ryan Braun was as good a reason as any.

You can get his most recent comedy special on iTunes called "Pumping Irony."

  • Natural bodybuilding is an oxymoron
  • PEDs and whether it is really clear to steroids
  • The Red Sox vs. the Indians
  • Black ballplayers and having the “O’Leary” name
  • Giambi getting forgiven
  • Alex Rodriguez and how much everyone hates him
  • Alex Rodriguez has no home fans anywhere in the world
  • Rafael Palmeiro and his lies in front of congress
  • Creatine and other GNC supplements
  • Whey protein shakes
  • Gay Spartan warrior in a Gerard Butler sketch
  • Carolines on September 17th
  • Making fun of Yoga

Jul 23, 2013

A nice little journey that had very little to do with RIPD.

  • RIPD and Kevin Bacon being hidden from the trailer
  • Hippies and why anyone would choose to be an archetype
  • Hipsters and hippies and emos and punks
  • Brian judges Craig unfairly
  • Town Hall in Ohio City
  • Brian’s judgement of his people in the theater
  • Kid making phone calls in a movie theater and begging for a tongue lashing
  • The movie will be on TNT for years to come
  • Leans on the same jokes throughout the film
  • Looking at Men in Black comparisons, making them and still feeling badly about it
  • Envy starring Jack Black and Brian’s script that got him an agent
  • Ryan Reynolds in The Proposal
  • The movie looked very good but I thought they were in Washington D.C.
  • Mary-Louise Parker and having a crush on her
  • Orange is the new Black and how much Brian liked it
  • Orphan Black on BBC America
  • Christian Slater and how he can’t carry a TV show
  • Craig loves Untamed Heart
  • Fringe and Jen’s appearance
  • British shows knowing how to end
  • The X-Men movies and how much Craig liked them
  • X-Men first class
  • Captain America
  • Citizen Kane and the Magnificent Ambersons
  • The blood spatters on the camera during Children of Men

Jul 22, 2013

Scott Raab is talking this Monday morning about the Tribe mostly. The weekend series against the Twins, Matt Underwood, Superstition, Jason Kipnis, Lonnie Chisenhall and getting excited about the Browns.

  • Jinxes and whether or not we believe them
  • Matt Underwood and why Indians fans hate him so much
  • Superstition on the field and how it has leaked into the stands and in front of the TV
  • Man rules and whether or not you’re allowed to carry a glove to the game
  • Gun culture and how it interacts with man rules
  • People hate Nickelback for the same reason people hate gloves at the game
  • Matt Underwood conspiracy theories
  • Justin Masterson’s no-hit bid
  • Jason Kipnis blundering the next ground ball after the bloop hit
  • The meaningful nature of the games out of the break
  • What is the decision to decide whether to buy today vs. plan for the future
  • Chisenhall for Matt Garza and whether it’s worth it
  • Is Lonnie Chisenhall the next Casey Blake?
  • Miguel Cabrera and Jhonny Peralta making up for defense with offense
  • Mark Reynolds and how excited people got interested in extending him
  • Mark Reynolds bat control with two strikes vs. hitting free throws in basketball
  • Would you rather trade Asdrubal Cabrera or Francisco Lindor?
  • We vs. they in Cleveland sports
  • John Oliver from The Daily Show noticing the Chief Wahoo tattoo
  • Joe Banner and his aggressive play style
  • Talent is going to win or lose, but how much does risk taking impact
  • It’s legitimate to get excited about the Browns on defense
  • Phil Dawson and how embarrassing his dominance was to offensive coordinators
  • Steelers home games in Cleveland
  • Sports talk and how difficult it is to fill time
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