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Jan 2, 2018

Jake Burns has been talking Browns with WFNY for the better part of six months now. He's finally on the podcast with Craig to fix the Browns now that they've lost all their regular season games.

  • Jake Burns and his background in football
  • Hue Jackson and what he's capable of as a coach
  • 1-31 and just how bad it could have...

Dec 22, 2017

Brian Spaeth joins the podcast to talk about The Last Jedi. Stick around after and hear me trying to discuss it with my seven-year-old son. We talk about the movie itself, where it's going in the future, some criticisms, and also the stuff we loved most. It's spoiler-free for the first 10 minutes or so.

Dec 20, 2017

Big news broke in the sports media world last week, with Disney buying $52.4 billion worth of assets from Fox. The deal includes Fox Sports Ohio and SportsTime Ohio, the local TV homes for the Cavs and Indians, respectively. Holly Wetzel, who has spent much of her career in the sports media business and is a regular...

Dec 19, 2017

In what's becoming a holiday tradition, Disney and Lucasfilm have released their latest Star Wars installment, The Last Jedi. WFNY's Jim Pete and Jake Burns discuss the latest movie in as much detail as you can in an hour. There was a lot to get through, and they did their best to cover it all. Needless to say, this...

Dec 14, 2017

Our buddy Chad Zumock hooked us up with comedian Bret Ernst for a chat. Bret is coming to the Cleveland area for a show on December 23rd at The Kent Stage with Chad as the special guest. 

We talked at length about comedy, his career as an actor playing the third baseman in Beer League, and also the upcoming YouTube...