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May 22, 2017

On this week's Sunday Sermon we're talking Cavaliers, and loosely about the Browns among other topics. Enjoy another weekly free-flowing conversation with The Sunday Sermon.

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  • The guys kick off this week's show with their Tim Tebow check-in
  • Cavs blowouts
  • LeBron's MVP snub
  • Joe Banner making the tough calls
  • Tre Boston using a homeless man for important life decisions
  • Enes Kanter being stuck in Romania
  • Eddy Lacy being just-barely-not-fat-enough to collect his $55k bonus
  • athletes in "romphims,"
  • Rebecca Black being alive
  • Tom Brady and Drew Brees having marital problems
  • Dan's weekly golf mishap
  • and finish it off with their healthiest health and fitness yet.

Please shut up
almost three years ago

Lease shut up. Your weird jokes, remarks about racistly notbeing's another for you: it's not being pc to tell you it's not funny. You just sound like yokels.