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Jun 18, 2015

I grabbed TD to help everyone get ready for the Indians now that the Cavaliers are officially done. Before we got to the Tribe though, TD and I discussed the Cavs, David Blatt and Johnny Manziel.

  • NBA Free and LeBron James fever with the Cleveland Cavaliers
  • How good for the city was it for the Cavs to make that run?
  • LeBron's "all in" mentality and how it never wavered
  • If Kyrie doesn't get hurt the Cavaliers might win the Finals
  • David Blatt and whether he'll be the Cavs' coach next year
  • What exactly is David Blatt's offense anyway?
  • The pointlessness of David Blatt speculation
  • Johnny Manziel and the money sign, etc.
  • Johnny Manziel speaking to the media and whether it means anything
  • Saying the right thing and what that means or doesn't mean
  • What makes the NFL so impossible to talk about accurately?
  • The scheduling variances from year to year
  • Where are the Indians now and what position are they in?
  • The Cleveland Indians are 4.5 games out of the Wild Card
  • Putting all the faith in the Indians' rotation
  • Comparing the Indians to the Cavs and their 19-20 record
  • Is there a good historical comparison for Giovanny Urshela?
  • Is Lonnie Chisenhall completely finished?
  • Is Brandon Moss doing what we thought he would?
  • How unhealthy is Michael Brantley and his back right now?
  • Trying to make sense of Carlos Santana and how much you like his performance
  • What the Indians did with the ballpark and how great it is
  • The city of Cleveland being decorated up for the playoffs
  • TD dines next to Kanye West
  • The tertiary benefits of having playoffs in Cleveland
  • St. Louis Cardinals... TD says everybody cheats