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Jun 16, 2015

It's the day before the day the Cavs get a chance to keep hope alive so Dave and Craig decided to have a conversation very loosely about that and other stuff. We had a lot of fun doing this one, so hopefully you have as much fun listening.

  • Dave starts the show due to inclement weather
  • The Cavs and their elimination game against the Warriors
  • Do you know anyone who has given up on the team?
  • Sports talk radio callers and their advice for David Blatt
  • Mozgov and trying to adapt Cavs rotations with so few players
  • Playing Shawn Marion is not a magic bullet
  • Underestimating Kyrie Irving as a decoy
  • The dark times without a playoff Cavs team
  • Craig makes Dave feel bad about himself
  • Craig makes Dave feel better after making him feel bad about himself
  • The resume of the true Cavs fan including Samardo Samuels and Semi Erden (I don't care how his name is really spelled)
  • Dave demands watch party tickets for Game 7