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Jul 21, 2015

The return of @sportsyelling to the WFNY podcast was long overdue. We discussed the current state of the Cleveland Indians, the realistic use cases with Snapchat and also broke down season two of True Detective (so far.)

  • Cleveland Indians fans who are hopelessly optimistic
  • Trying to enjoy baseball without it becoming something more
  • Comparing the Indians to a summer love
  • Investing in the Indians when the pitchers are hot
  • Believing in the Cleveland Indians as they stand even with their record
  • The front office is doomed no matter what they say
  • Building hope versus tempering expectations
  • Should the Indians DFA Michael Bourn?
  • Is Michael Bourn blocking anyone?
  • Sportsyelling name drops Jeff Nomina
  • Trying to understand Snapchat and what the best part is
  • Why Snapchat instead of Instagram?
  • Will Snapchat survive forever?
  • True Detective Season 2
  • Character development and the struggle of True Detective to introduce them
  • Is there any chance you'd rewatch the first parts?