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Jan 25, 2018

The Cleveland Cavaliers are in a dangerous spot. They're losing badly. They have drama all over the place. The trade deadline is coming. Andrew and Craig break it all down.

  • Did the Cavaliers have to trade Kyrie Irving?
  • LaMarcus Aldridge and Kobe Bryant situations were fixed.
  • David Griffin and his non-resigning.
  • Koby Altman is not responsible
  • Fans penchant to become apologists
  • The realities of having Isaiah Thomas on your team
  • LeBron James's frustration with where the team is right now.
  • LeBron James as the power broker abdicating responsibility
  • Shabazz Napier and LeBron refusing to help the front office
  • What should the Cavaliers do with Isaiah Thomas?
  • Woj bombs are back in Cleveland
  • Andrew Stans for Kevin Love