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Mar 24, 2015

Jon returns from hiatus to discuss television. We spoke about The Jinx, the Serial Podcast and much more like...

  • Adding a second kid and how much more the workload will be
  • How much more work is it to add the children
  • Adding Swenson’s to the list of things
  • Going to Denny’s and how awful it is
  • Going to a drive-in and what it’s like
  • The Jinx and whether it would have achieved its success without Serial
  • Comparing the Serial Podcast with The Jinx
  • Could you re-listen to Serial or rewatch The Jinx?
  • The production issues with The Jinx
  • How did the producers of Serial and The Jinx get so lucky in their storytelling?
  • The creepy factor of Andrew Jarecki vs. Sarah Koenig
  • You can pick apart anything and make someone hate anything
  • The use of re-enactments in drama documentaries
  • Did The Jinx make you want to watch All Good Things?
  • Capturing the Friedmans
  • Discovering how Andrew Jarecki came to be
  • Trying to wait around for the next big thing
  • The Netflix generation and their viewing habits