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Feb 21, 2017

There aren't many question marks when you take into account the Cleveland Indians' roster. While the infield is as locked as any in Major League Baseball, the outfield still has some potential for turmoil. Will Michael Brantley be healthy at any point in 2017? Can Tyler Naquin continue his big rookie campaign? Is the Lonnie Chisenhall/Brandon Guyer (Guyer-Hall? ChisGuy?) platoon in right the anchor of the outfield? Is Abraham Almonte the most pivotal outfielder? Can Austin Jackson make the roster? Will Yandy Diaz make the team out of camp? What about Greg Allen and Bradley Zimmer? WFNY's Mike Hattery and Jim Pete dive into the complex discussion in today's EHC podcast.

Catch up on the positional previews: Catcher |  First Base |  Second Base |  Third Base | Shortstop

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  • Hattery continues his full court press to get Conway's Irish Ale on the full-time menu @GLBC_Cleveland. Jim makes a case for @aviatorbrew in Raleigh, NC to do the same with McGritty's
  • There are a lot of solid players out there, and a ton of depth
  • Are the Indians looking at the low salary guys in the OF as a way to counterbalance their high-cost players elsewhere?
  • Terry Francona and his slow burn Spring Training, that won't end at the beginning of April
  • Francona is really good at finding the right guys at the right time
  • 9-man outfield, with a sweeper
  • Will Lindor play rover?
  • Will Michael Brantley even be a factor in 2017, and Brantley hot takes ensue...
  • Santana in left field?'s not our #hottake
  • The Chisenhall and Guyer platoon, with both being discussed as potential center field options
  • Chisenhall's short leash, and how Tyler Naquin could mean the end for Lonnie
  • The center field mystery: Naquin? Almonte? Austin Jackson? Yandy Diaz? Greg Allen? Bradley Zimmer?
  • The Indians and a roster that is massively flexible
  • Allen/Naquin...Almonte/Diaz...Guyer/Chisenhall...platoon city?
  • The over/under on the outfield, and Jim goes insane...and I even give Nomina credit
  • Diaz/Allen/Zimmer...who gets the most?
  • Is Zimmer the better side of the baseball mirror with Tyler Naquin? How much can Jim and Mike undersell Zimmer?
  • Greg Allen brings a skill to the table that nobody else in the outfield has...and that's straight up defense
  • Drew Stubbs comps?
  • Grady Sizemore help...helping Zimmer, Naquin and Allen
  • All in on Greg Allen
  • Good breaks, but can't make reads? #hottake #idiocy
  • The Indians pitching sets up well, both in the rotation an the pen, to have their best defenders in the infield


  • We don't have Collin Cowgill...we have Austin Jackson #upgrade