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May 9, 2016

Brian Spaeth joined the podcast to discuss two of his favorite things. We discussed the Cleveland Cavaliers and their sweep of the Atlanta Hawks and the latest Marvel movie, Captain America: Civil War. Here are the rest of the details.

  • The Cavaliers defeat the Hawks
  • Saying "I told you so" to the scaredy cats
  • Are the Cavs a three-point shooting team?
  • Coach Lue coaching to a series gameplan
  • LeBron James transitioning to being a leader
  • The Cavaliers versus the Heat in Miami
  • Why is Dwyane Wade so healthy right now?
  • Captain America Civil War!
  • Bloat versus canon?
  • The overall Marvel Universe and what's happening
  • Two hours and twenty-seven minutes of Marvel
  • The political push and pull between Captain America and Iron Man
  • Iron Man's history with politics and weapons and military
  • Iron Man built weapons and Captain America was a weapon
  • Could we have done without War Machine?
  • The introduction of Black Panther
  • Spider Man and what the future of the character will be
  • Marvel and Sony working together on the next Spider-Man movie
  • Superman's vague wealth versus Spider-Man's career path