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May 24, 2016

There are few people I like to talk Cavs more with than Brian Spaeth. He's not beholden to the same drama that the rest of the sports world has relied on to garner eyeballs. We discussed the Cleveland Cavaliers' struggles in Toronto and whether or not it's good for the team to face some adversity. 

How short should the trigger be for Ty Lue with Kevin Love? Where is the value for Tristan Thompson if he can't outplay Bismack Biyongo? Can the Cavs trap the pick and roll for four straight quarters? Will the Cavaliers come out faster simply by being at home in front of a friendly crowd?

We also discussed podcasting in general and drew comparisons with the start of blogs. We talked about the fractured media environment, the short-term traffic play and how fruitless that ultimately will be when the dust settles on this internet-based content culture.