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Apr 3, 2015

Josh Flagner from More than a Fan came on the podcast to talk about all things sports media. We discussed blogs and podcasts and newspapers and how the coverage has developed around the Browns and Cavaliers this year.

  • Two hours a week podcasting down from five
  • The formulas for podcasting and how long to go on
  • More than a Fan and where it is compared to what he wants to do
  • Dave Sterling helping fill out the podcast "inventory"
  • Are podcasts replacing sports talk radio, or is it just a supplement?
  • The big media companies taking over podcasts
  • Do the big companies want to compete in podcasts?
  • Intentionally titillating people with yelling and controversy
  • Blogs and traffic and getting viraled into new traffic
  • Millionaire matchmaker and making money
  • Brian Windhorst talks and nothing but negative things get picked out
  • Media organizations vertically integrated into blogs
  • The skew negative in the reaction
  • The Cavaliers and what's really going on or not going on
  • The Browns and the hope meter
  • Are the Browns a complete mess or do they have a chance?
  • Sports owners and whether their skills translate
  • Jimmy Haslam and Joe Banner and him being implanted in Cleveland
  • What Cleveland sports moment would you change in your lifetime?