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Feb 22, 2017

It's been a bit since I spoke to Mike from Bottlegate on the podcast. He comes back to discuss the sports media landscape, the Cleveland Cavaliers at the trade deadline and the Cleveland Browns draft situation.

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  • The grind of running a sports blog
  • Bottlegate's celebration video and the need to keep doing it
  • Sports content on social media and skipping the blog altogether
  • Where sports blogging goes next
  • What does the biggest independent site
  • Who's the best Cleveland Browns reporter?
  • How does The Athletic work?
  • Does Bottlegate make any money?
  • Do the Cavaliers need to do make a move at the trade deadline?
  • Carmelo Anthony and whether he makes the Cavaliers better
  • J.J. Hickson and the idea of players being their best in Cleveland
  • Did LeBron want the Cavaliers to keep Delly
  • Not being able to talk about the Cleveland Indians all that much
  • Should Andrew Miller pitch in the WBC?
  • Kyrie and the Olympics
  • Luol Deng played with the Cavaliers
  • Paul Kruger and who was leading the front office
  • Do the Browns want to trade for Jimmy G?
  • Middle linebacker is a huge need
  • How do you feel about the Browns' front office?
  • The NFL prolonged our agony
  • Enough of the trade downs and just draft the guy!
  • trading for Jimmy Garoppolo
  • formulating a qb plan