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Jun 9, 2016

They were dead and buried before Game 4 of the NBA Finals. The Warriors were just too good. The Cavaliers were going to lose every game, Kevin Love was hurt, and definitely going to be traded in the off-season. That's the way the world sounded heading into Game 3. Now, the Cavaliers breathe new life into the series with a 30-point victory of their own on their home court. We talk about all of it.

  • The truth about Kevin Love
  • LeBron James and his mysterious jumper
  • Is Timofey Mozgov dirty like Klay Thompson says?
  • What in the world was Iman Shumpert doing?
  • Should Richard Jefferson start in place of Kevin Love in Game 4?
  • Starters versus reserves and how it doesn't really matter
  • Steph Curry and the Cavaliers physical defense